Adventure Creation Kit File Repository

This is a general-purpose file posting area for ACK games, tilesets, patches, fonts, sounds, whatever! Anything developed (works in progress are just fine too) by Adventure Creation Kit users can be hosted here for download, testing and feedback from the ACK community.

To submit files for the repository, use the DriveHQ-hosted dropbox which is accessible using a three-character password consisting of capital 'a', capital 'c', capital 'k'. (No, we don't really need your phone number, or email for that matter; your Jolt Country forum user name is fine for the Name. Please enter a short description in the Short Message field.)

Note: If you are submitting more than one file (e.g. all the files that make up your Adventure Creation Kit game) please zip/gzip/tar/whatever your file into an archive package before uploading; it's much easier to track changes and handle the submitted files that way.

Submissions from Garth: - ACK Game - MSX Metal Gear remake.

WACK.rar - ACK Game/Kit - ACK Wasteland game kit and other materials.

Submissions from jupider: - ACK Game - RPG demo game using 'Pen and Paper' tileset.

Submissions from rld: - Alpha release of ACK 0.9 Megapatch. Copy contents (ACK02.EXE/ACK02.OVR) into your ACK 3.251 directory to use.