Adventure Creation Kit downloads

Latest version: v3.251 (March 1, 2009)

Download Adventure Creation Kit: - ACK with Windows launcher. Just unzip and run "ACK Launcher.exe". - ACK with MacOS launcher. - ACK only, for other systems (linux, etc.) Requires that DosBox be installed separately. (Ubuntu instructions are here.) Once DosBox is installed, just mount the ACK folder and type 'ACK'.

Download Adventure Creation Kit updates:

PATCH.DAT - ACK update file - update your copy of ACK to the most recent version by copying this file into the ACK folder.

(You can check your current ACK version by looking at the ACK\UPDATES.TXT file, your current version number is in the first line.) Copy PATCH.DAT file to your ACK folder, and run ACK to auto-apply the update. Note that you must already have at least v3.200 to use this patch. If you have an older version, or if you have problems with the patch, use the full download above.

Other downloads -- These are included with the game download and updated by the patches, but you can also download them separately:


UPDATES.TXT - Release Notes

ACKSRC.ZIP - ACK source code

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